The Polo Shirt Factory

Company Overview

Established in 1991

Barcelos, Portugal

The Perfect Polo Shirt

Handmade by 45 employees

Craftmanship and Tradition

The Perfect Polo Shirt is made by craftswomen and -men with more than 30 years experience. During this time, an textile manufacturer with extremely skilled pattern makers and seamstresses has emerged. Our Polo Shirt factory is now only renowned internationally for its outstanding quality, but also for its remarkably postive working atmosphere. It comes at no surpise that such a postive working environment is the foundation to create high-quality garments that last a lifetime.

Technology meets Skills

Not only state-of-the-art machinery and technologies are essential for the production of the Perfect Polo Shirt, but also highly trained craftswomen and -men. During our regular visits to the site, the SANVT team is every time impressed by the fantastic working conditions and the psotive atmosphere: being at our Polo Shirt factory really feels like being amongst friends and family.

Always Learning

In addition to fair and respectful treatment, Pedro (the production manager) values the importance of personal and professional development of all of his colleagues. Regular training courses are offered to everyone for further development.

Love for Details

In addition to the best materials and craftsmanship, our production partner is also characterized by perfection and an eye for innovation. So it is understandable to invest in both, tothe best raw materials and new technologies that constantly improve the quality of the final garment. Quality and durability is the constant goal. With this mission and the necessary passion, which we have been to experience on site, garments are manufactured with an outstanding attention to detail.

High-quality organic Cotton

Our Polo is made from a luxurious piqué fabric. This fabric is not only super strong and durable, but also equally soft and comfortable to wear. We have been also impressed by the high environmental standards of our production partner. So it goes without saying that we only use 100% premium organic cotto for the production of the Perfect Polo Shirt. The high-quality fabric and the factory's high quality standards ultimately result in a product of excellent tailoring.