Repairing is better than replacing! We show you how you can fix your favorite Essentials.

No need to ask your Grandma: learn how how to fix your garments yourself.

Clothes are made to be worn, and even the most durable pieces sometimes tear a little. A loose seam or a tiny hole must not be the end of your favourite Essential. Always consider repairing before replacing. Many problems can be fixed quickly and easily at home, and more complex repairs can be solved by a skilled tailor.


What you need:

• Button

• Thread

• Needle

• Scissors

• Match as a Spacer

Sew a Button - How to:

1. Thread the yarn through the needle and then double the yarn. Knot the two ends together.
2. Stitch from the bottom through the fabric and through one hole of the button.
3. Place a placeholder, e.g. a match, on the center of the button. This will create some slack for the button to close more easily afterwards and not pinch the fabric.
4. Stitch 4-5 times crosswise or straight into the remaining buttonholes to fix the button.
5. The placeholder can then be removed and the bundle of threads underneath the button can be wrapped with the yarn before the yarn is returned to the back of the fabric.
6. On the back side, the remaining yarn can now be knotted tightly and finally cut.


What you need:

• Thread

• Needle

• Scissors

Sew on Neck Label - How to:

1. Fix the label in the desired place with a needle so that it does not slip.
2. Stitch from the back of the fabric through the label and sew it to the fabric 4-5 times.
3. On the last stitch, try to tie a double knot as close as possible to the fabric and cut the remaining thread.


What you need:

• Iron-on fleece

• Iron

• Scissors

• Cotton fabric

Fix a Hole - How to:

1. Cut a piece of iron-on fleece so that it covers the hole sufficiently.

2. Turn the T-shirt inside out and press the fabric at the hole to make the hole as small as possible.

3. Now place the iron-on fleece on the hole, place a piece of cotton fabric over it and iron the area for about 30 seconds.


What you need:

• Thread

• Needle

• Scissors

Loose Seams - How to:

1. Thread the yarn through the needle and then double the yarn. Knot the two ends together.

2. If there are loose threads around the hole knot the yarn around to prevent them from unraveling further.

3. Start where the seam hasn't unraveled yet and sew with small stitches over the intact seam and towards the hole.

4. To get a straight seam, you can use the original pinholes that are still in the fabric as a guide.

5. When the hole is sewn shut, put a few stitches on the intact seam on the other side as well.

6. Finally, knot the yarn as close to the fabric as possible.


What you need:

• Replacement string

• Safety pin

Broken Cord Cap or Hoodie String - How to:

If the string on your hoodie breaks, you can contact us and we will send you a replacement cord. Here's how to rethread it:

1. Attach a safety pin to one end of the hoodie string.

2. Feed the string into the tunnel of the hood and push the safety pin further and further forward by bunching the fabric.