The Smart Chino vs. The Heavyweight Chino

Marie Luther

The Smart Chino

The Smart Chino consists of a mix of sustainable premium cotton and elastane and adapts perfectly to the leg shape thanks to the stretch cotton. The elastic waistband and the hidden cords make the chinos extremely comfortable and offer maximum freedom of movement.

Not only that, the light fabric (290g/m²) of the pants is breathable and provides a cooling effect on warm days. Perfect for the upcoming spring and summer!
The Smart Chino is unique thanks to its innovative workmanship. The extra smartphone pocket on the front and the two hidden back pockets give these pants a very practical character. This is complemented by the elaborately processed seams, for example in the hem of the pants. The matching inner lining and the high-quality buttons round off the Smart Chino to create a classic modern essential.

The Heavyweight Chino

The new version of our classic chino pants provides warmth as well as comfort. Thanks to the use of a heavy material (420g/m²) the pants not only feel super high-quality but are also perfect to wear on cooler days. And thanks to a loose weaving technique, the fabric traps air better and heat can be stored better and longer. The mix of premium cotton and elastane keeps the pants comfortable. A perfect mix of innovation and quality!

The Heavyweight Chino also impress with its practical workmanship. A reversed hook and eye closure and the elastic waistband with hidden cords ensure a perfect fit. High-quality metal ends on the cords give the chinos a luxurious look and, together with the innovative details, contribute to a modern and timeless design.

The Smart Chino vs. The Heavyweight Chino

  • Premium Cotton (97%) & Elastane (3%)
  • Fabric: 290 g/m² Stretch Cotton
  • Fabric dyed: no fading
  • Pre-washed: no shrinkage
  • Premium Cotton (98%) & Elastane (2%)
  • Fabric: 420 g/m² Stretch Cotton
  • Weave: 3/4 twill weave
  • Fabric dyed and pre-washed
  • Zip: made in Japan
  • Yarn: made in Italy
  • Fabric: made in Portugal
  • Crafted in our Trouser Atelier in Portugal
  • Zip: made in Japan
  • Yarn: made in Italy
  • Fabric: made in Portugal
  • Crafted in our Trouser Atelier in Portugal
  • Perfect for warm days
  • Breathable fabric for a cooling effect
  • Style tip: casual looks with turned-up chinos and sneakers
  • Great for colder days
  • Keeps you warm with a heavy fabric and loose weave
  • Style tip: Combine with boots for a luxurious, sporty look

When do I wear which Chinos?

Both chinos are characterized by their unmistakable wearing comfort and the high quality of workmanship. The stretch cotton makes even narrow-cut chinos comfortable to wear.

This is exactly what makes them so universally wearable: whether in the office, when traveling or in your free time. In combination with a minimalist design and the innovative stretch material, both chinos can be worn on practically any occasion.

The Smart Chino is designed for warmer days. The breathable fabric provides a cooling effect when worn. Thanks to the seamless hem, the chinos are super easy to turn up and combine with sneakers, for example.

In contrast, the Heavyweight Chino is perfect for wearing on colder days. The heavy fabric’s loose weaving technique traps air better and keeps you warm. Thanks to the minimalist style, nothing stands in the way of a luxurious, sporty combination with boots, for example.

Both chinos can be individually adjusted in width and length. A perfect fit is guaranteed!

Conclusion: The Smart Chino vs. The Heavyweight Chino

  • Both chinos are suitable for every occasion thanks to their minimalist look
  • If you’re looking for something for the upcoming spring and summer, the Smart Chino is the right choice, while the Heavyweight Chino is more suitable for cooler days
  • Both pants are characterized by the highest wearing comfort and best quality
  • A perfect fit is guaranteed thanks to individually selectable widths and lengths
  • Click here for our Smart Chino
  • Our Heavyweight Chino is going to launch in April 2022